Blackrock by nick enright

It was also shown at the Boston Film Festival in September He stated that the issue was rectified for the second and third screenings, which were much more successful.

Blackrock by nick enright

Plot[ edit ] Blackrock is an Australian beachside working-class suburb [a] where surfing is popular among youths like Jared.

He has his first serious girlfriend, Rachel, who comes from a much wealthier part of the city. One day Ricko, the local surfing legend, returns from an eleven-month trip.

The party is unsupervised with alcohol freely available. The following morning, it is revealed that year-old Tracy Warner was killed at the party.

Three youths from the party, Davo, Scott, and Toby, tell Ricko that they raped Tracy, though left her alive.

Blackrock by Nick Enright

The three boys are later arrested for the sexual assault. Ricko confesses to Jared that he killed Tracy. He says he was attempting to have sex with her when she bit him and kicked him, so in a moment of rage he grabbed a rock and hit her with it.

He has already told police that he was with Jared all night and asks Jared to confirm his alibi in the name of mateship ; Jared is torn between telling the truth and protecting his friend. Ricko is detained by police and hangs himself in his cell. In the plays last scene Jared confesses to Diane that he witnessed the three youths raping Tracy, though he did not intervene.

He is unsure why he did nothing though he believes it was out of loyalty to the boys who were his mates. Ricko left Jared a suicide note giving him his van, though Jared asks Cherie to dump the keys to the van in the ocean when she goes out surfing.

Blackrock by nick enright

Enright was approached by the director of Freewheels, Brian Joyce, who suggested the murder of Leigh Leigh as a subject for a play.

Enright agreed, after being convinced a play could be made out of the conflicting responses to the crime.


The title was taken from a quote in the psychological report that was made on Mathew Webster, the man who murdered Leigh, in preparation for his trial. Blackrock continued to be performed at the Sydney Theatre Company throughoutand performed a sold-out season at Wharf I [18] in People came up to me after and said "Is it really like that in Newcastle?

It was happening 20 years ago when I was young. I remember there was violence, there was rape, there was party rape and there was party rape with alcohol and a lot of violence associated with that.His many plays include: Good Works, Blackrock, Daylight Saving, Mongrels (about the relation between Australian playwrights Jim McNeil and Peter Kenna, the latter a friend), This award is now named the Nick Enright Prize for Playwriting.

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“Blackrock” is a play written by Nick Enright that provides insight into Australian culture. Through the violent rape of a teenage girl, the audience is challenged to consider the values and attitudes still prevalent in Australia today.

Blackrock Major Essay Assignment Blackrock by Nick Enright is a drama piece constructed to challenge dominant social ideology of twentieth century Australian youth. The text presents a very critical attitude towards Australian society in particular the notion of mateship is criticised and exposed in a negative light, as are the justifications.

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Blackrock is a play by Australian playwright Nick Enright that was first performed in It was adapted from a play by Enright, entitled A Property of the Clan, which was inspired by the murder of Leigh Leigh in Stockton, Australia in

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