Coke and mentos essay example

Order now Diet Coke and Mentos: The temperature was 52 F. In this experiment, mentos caused a eruption in a 2-liter bottle of Diet Mountain Dew erupted, thus we concluded that diet Mountain Dew did have Phosphoric Acid because it caused eruption with mentos being dropped in. Introduction Diet Coke and Mentos, when mixed, will produce a violent reaction.

Coke and mentos essay example

They were not only able to publish their results in the American Journal of Physicsbut the students were also given an opportunity to present their findings in a poster session Professor Coffey reflected on the experience in a presentation she gave.

In my humble opinion, this is science education at its finest: So, what did they find? Apparently, we were dead wrong, as the paper points out: The pH of the diet Coke prior to the reaction was 3. The lack of change in the pH supports the conclusion that the Mint Mentos—Diet Coke reaction is not an acid-base reaction.

This conclusion is also supported by the ingredients in the Mentos, none of which are basic: The pH of the Diet Coke after the baking soda reaction was 6. The logic blew my mind but, in retrospect, is pretty simple. It turns out that what other chemicals a liquid has dissolved is capable of changing the ease at which bubbles are made.

The larger the angle, the stronger the surface tension the more tightly the liquid tries to pull in on itself to become a sphere. So, what happens when we add the artificial sweetener aspartame and potassium benzoate both ingredients in Diet Coke to water?

As you can see in Figure 4 below, the contact angle in b [aspartame] and c [potassium benzoate] are smaller than a [pure water].

Table 4 below that shows the contact angles of a variety of solutions that the students tested as well as the amount of work needed to create a bubble relative to pure water: Another factor which the paper considers is how long it takes the dropped Mentos to sink to the bottom.

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As bubbles themselves attract more bubbles, this means that the Mentos which fall to the bottom the fastest will have the strongest explosions. As the paper points out: The speed with which the sample falls through the liquid is also a major factor.

We used a video camera to measure the time it took for Mentos, rock salt, Wint-o-Green Lifesavers, and playground sand to fall through water from the top of the water line to the bottom of a clear 2 l bottle.

The average times were 0. The bubbles then act as growth sites, where the carbon dioxide still dissolved in the solution moves into the rising bubbles, causing even more liberation of carbon dioxide from the bottle.

If the bubbles must travel farther through the liquid, the reaction will be more explosive. What is really behind this physical reaction? American Journal of Physics Essay about Mentos and Coke Mentos and Coke Materials Fl Oz coke, mint mentos, and thermometer Purpose-What I wanted to find out is if the temperature affects how the mento bubbles in the coke.

Combine Diet Coke and Mentos, and the result is explosive—Diet Coke shoots out of the bottle like a miniature, sticky Old Faithful. The reaction is so intense, you can make a rocket propelled by. Jun 19,  · That being said, the main point still gets across, so it really doesn't matter that "the bottles are different sizes" or I "uncapped the bottles too soon" or "accidentally put in 4 mentos instead.

For example, if you go from 1 Mento/ 1 Liter of Coke to 2 Mentos/ 1 Liter of Coke, then the amount of surface area the Coke can reach on the Mentos is doubled, or in other words, increased by one %; however, if you go from 11 Mentos/ 1 Liter of Coke to 12 Mentos/ 1 Liter of Coke then you are only increasing the surface area by 9%.

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Coke and mentos essay example

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Published: Mon, 5 Dec For example diet coke which contains less sugar and calories than original coke, vanilla coke which.

Coke and mentos essay example
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