Drought research paper

That conclusion was reached following analysis of a stalactite from a cave in the area that provided a clear picture about the climatic conditions in the eastern Mediterranean in the Late Bronze Age. The researchers drew their conclusions from the analysis of a stalactite from a cave on the islet of Schiza just off the Peloponnesian coast. By studying the layers of the stalactite, the team was able to establish the climatic conditions that existed in the region from around to BC with a high degree of precision. The aim was to establish the climatic conditions that existed during the period when the palace was destroyed, as the predominant theory is that this was triggered in large part by a preceding period of drought.

Drought research paper

The objectives of the National Drought Policy are to: Intergovernmental Agreement on National Drought Program Reform The Intergovernmental Agreement on National Drought Program Reform IGA is an agreement between the Australian, state and territory governments that outlines arrangements for the implementation of programs relating to drought preparedness and in-drought assistance.

The agreement is underpinned by the National Drought Policy.

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The Australian, state and territory governments are working to deliver existing programs and develop any new programs under the IGA. The IGA aims to focus government support to encourage farmers to prepare for droughts and to manage their business risks, instead of waiting until they are in crisis to offer assistance.

While focusing on encouraging preparedness and self-reliance, the IGA also includes guidance on the provision of in-drought assistance. A review of the IGA to assess its effectiveness was undertaken in by a working group comprising officials from all jurisdictions. Submissions received from industry stakeholders are available here.The Golden State has already experienced a rapid rise in such "whiplash" events—careering from a record multi-year drought between and , to heavy flooding in the winter of Scientific American is the essential guide to the most awe-inspiring advances in science and technology, explaining how they change our understanding of the world and shape our lives.

The Water Knowledge Hub acknowledges the importance of learning and collects, develops and provides learning materials and resources for learners, students, educators and other water users. Abstract. Increased forest fire activity across the western continental United States (US) in recent decades has likely been enabled by a number of factors, including the legacy of fire suppression and human settlement, natural climate variability, and human-caused climate change. Research Papers words | ( pages) | Preview Drought - Introduction: Drought is the most significant factor restricting plant production on majority of agricultural field of the world (Tas&Tas, ).

This paper is part of the research project “Drought Assessment and Mitigation Potential in South West Asia,” implemented by IWMI and partner organizations, and sponsored by the US State Department Regional Environment Office for .

Title: Meteorological Drought.

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Research Paper No. 45, , 58 p. Author: Palmer, Wayne C. Subject: Palmer Drought Index, Original Article Keywords.

Drought research paper

FAO’s Forestry and Forest Products Division, the forerunner of today’s Forestry Department, was established in late spring – so FAO Forestry observes its sixtieth anniversary in , prolonging the celebrations of the sixtieth anniversary that FAO celebrated in October On this occasion we thought it fitting to cover a range of topics rather than a single theme.

Hydrological drought severity metrics duration and deficit have different controls. • Streamflow drought duration is caused by catchment storage and dry spell duration.

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