Essay on westernization

Background …was the increasing pace of Westernization, by which Hindu society was being affected by the introduction of Western ideas. Missionaries were challenging the religious beliefs of the Hindus. The humanitarian movement led to reforms that went deeper than the political superstructure.

Essay on westernization

Moreover, the lack of understanding and commitment to achieve superiority over the others have led to a long and devastating wars between nations, the protracted ethnic conflicts and the domination of authoritarian groups. Some states and governments, understanding these fundamental aspects, are trying to find ways to establish peace throughout the world, while others saw the war and dominance over others as a way to survive.

They develop appropriate ideologies to justify such behavior. In the frames of this paper we are going to talk about the fact that the spread of global communications technology, such as the Internet, has lead to a worrying trend of Westernization in countries around the world.

Dwelling on specific characteristics of Westernization we are going to discuss the previous statement basing on three following area such as culture, politics and business. First of all it is necessary to mention that many societies realize a radical transformation which led to profound changes in economic, political, social and cultural levels in recent years.

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Increasingly significant place in society is occupied by market relations. We can note that privatization of state and collective property, and its transition to private one is greatly increased in numbers. Considering rapidly changing events in the world, everything that was mentioned above can be explained by rapid approaching of the worrying trend of Westernization in all countries across the globe.

Thus, there are as many definitions as there are many commentators. Thinking about Western civilization in historical context Winkler mentioned that it becomes understandable that researchers at the Western civilization call it differently: But regardless of the name, Western society is opposite to traditional Eastern society in many ways, though it also has sufficiently deep historical roots.

Laue mentioned that it is good that in the willing to be similar to Western countries other countries put active, creative and Essay on westernization human activities on the first place, but it is really bad that countries begin to loose their cultural, political and technological identity.

The ideals of civilization are continuously updated, going by powerful pace of progress. The absolute value has acquired scientific knowledge, significantly extending the intellectual forces, the inventive faculties of a person; his ability to transform the world, but national values has been somehow replaced.

Essay on westernization

In contrast to traditional societies, where the paramount meaning has the collective form of human society, western civilization put forward independent, autonomous identity as the most important value, which in turn formed the basis for developing ideas about inalienable human rights, on civil society and the legal state.

Observing technological aspect of the problem we can mention that the sphere of technological development is positively impacted by Westernization, because scientific discoveries and technological innovations, in particular, an invention of production line, allowed to begin mass production.

The industrial world has sought to increase the volume, speed, power. Almost all sectors were and are dominated by the mania for giants: People believed in good forecasts connected with further development of technology when information went from mouth to mouth, and nowadays the situation has the same nature, but the Internet allows to spread information in more fast and effective way.

Analyzing the spreading of Westernization in political sense we see that the essence of Westernization is the intrusion of the social structure, economy, political system, ideology, culture and lifestyle, similar to those that exist in western countries to non-Western peoples and countries.

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Ideologically and in promoting it is portrayed as a humane, selfless and liberation mission of the West, which then represented the focus of all conceivable virtues.

We are free, rich and happy inspires the Western ideology and propaganda to people tending them to Westernization in one or another way, — and we want to help you become as free, wealthy and happy, as we are.

But for this you need to do at home, in your own countries, such things which we will advise you to do. Botz-Bornstein and Hengelbrock stated that this is the essence of Westernization in words, while, actually, Westernization in this specific sense presented here has no real purpose to bring the intended victim to such a prosperous state because countries will loose the capacity for independent existence and development, including the sphere of influence and operation of the western countries, to attach them to the Western world not as an equal and equipotent partners, but to put the role of the zone of colonization on them.

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Cultural area of Westernization shows that the influence of the western world on other countries in the field of culture is deeply contradictory. It helps to perpetuate the subordinate position of these countries in the world market, often leads to the destruction of previous forms of culture, morals and values without a substitute them with new ones, to undermine the spiritual potential of society.

This expansion is increasingly being defined in international documents as cultural imperialism. According to Beck, Sznaider and Winterthe latest studies underline that imperialism can take many forms and can operate in different spheres.

Typically the five forms of imperialism are lists in literature: Listed types of imperialism are present continuously, but the role assigned to each of them, may change that leads to the restructuring of the methods of action — depending both on the global situation and the capabilities, which imperialism can invoke in a given country.

According to Meyercharacteristic features of cultural imperialism are the following in the sphere of culture itself: Westernization does not preclude voluntary participation in it and even encourage the passionate desire to go that route.

There are powerful temptations, and indoctrination to do this more delicately.The ever expanding markets for goods and their unchallenged assault through advertisements are flooding the society with information and ideas, attitudes and imagery which is . Westernization can also be related to acculturation and enculturation.

Acculturation is “the process of cultural and psychological change that takes place as a result of contact between cultural groups and their individual members.”[3] After contact, changes in cultural patterns are evident within one or both cultures.

Acculturation is the process of social, psychological, and cultural change that stems from blending between cultures. The effects of acculturation can be seen at multiple levels in both the original (native) and newly adopted (host) cultures.

Historically speaking, acculturation is a direct change of one's culture through dominance over another's culture through either military or political. William H.

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McNeill On Samuel P. Huntington. Back in January historian William Hardy McNeill wrote a review for the New York Review of Books of Samuel P. Huntington's book The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order and made some great points worth pondering today..

It is easy to mock such self-righteousness, and Huntington's rejection of the moral imperialism implicit in.

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