Imaginative landscape essays

Origins[ edit ] Problems of vagueness and fuzziness have probably always existed in human experience.

Imaginative landscape essays

Each one of us will have a different journey from anyone else.

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The journey home is mostly ongoing and in some ways never completed. Bringing Them Home report. It is how we look at landscape that matters and the fact that I am looking at it from where I am because of who I am.

As he remarks, a photograph of the landscape does exactly that. It clearly reflects my point of view, my interest in my surroundings and my association with place. Similarly, landscape can be likened to a blank canvas in which we are the artists who apply our artistic touches in a way that reflects our hopes, our desires, our fears and phobias.

Everyone has a different way of looking at landscape which is influenced by their prior experiences and the accumulation of knowledge about who they are and how they see their own individual place in the world.

As such the landscape takes on many hues — much depends upon our feelings, our position in time and our attitudes, experiences and memories. Individuals may inhabit the same place at the same time, but have a completely different relationship with their world.

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Specifically, he does not like to be hemmed in; he believes that there is no practical reason for the fence and prefers to leave room for his imagination to soar beyond the narrow confines of place.

He appears conditioned, perhaps by his father, to view a wall as a good thing to have which separates and conquers space. Likewise, depending upon experiences and sensitivities the same individual may relate in ambivalent or contradictory ways to the same landscape.

For example, country landscapes may conjure a sense of serenity, peace, bliss and beauty. At other times, they may evoke horror. The fires on Black Saturday Kinglake, and in the Blue Mountains transformed a paradise into a living nightmare for many citizens.

The physical landscape, which was once a blooming oasis of greenery, became black and desperate within a few hours.

Imaginative landscape essays

Such landscapes become infused with danger, destruction and loss. For years to come, psychologists say, weather patterns will become phobic signs of loss and danger.

Just think of the night Macbeth bludgeons King Duncan to death in Macbeth. William Stanner, an anthropologist who worked in indigenous remote locations during the s and s, believes that different attitudes to land create competing worldviews and are indicative of different power structures.

Imaginative landscape essays

This is certainly true of the distinction between the indigenous and the settlers as depicted by Rachel Perkins in One Night the Moon The land is their being, their soul. In other words, the land is bigger than the sum of their various individual parts and determines both individual and community identities.

For aborigines, the land also speaks to them about origins.

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This intimate century-deep knowledge is also translated into physical actions such as tracking — a symbol of their spiritual closeness.

Albert instinctively knows that Emily would have followed the light; he knew immediately that Jim and the team of settlers had taken the wrong path.

For the aborigines, then, their ongoing relationship with the land is one of endless recovery of a place to which they intuitively belong. For the settlers, their relationship consists of discovering a place to which they only ever related in a belated and alienated sense.

The white settlers in One Night the Moon are strangers in a strange land — both physically and psychologically; their knowledge is only skin deep and as a sign of their difference and diffidence, Emily dies.Benedict De Spinoza (—) Benedict de Spinoza was among the most important of the post-Cartesian philosophers who flourished in the second half of the 17th made significant contributions in virtually every area of philosophy, and his writings reveal the influence of such divergent sources as Stoicism, Jewish Rationalism, Machiavelli, Hobbes, Descartes, and a variety of.

Description is a very useful and important style of writing and one that you need to master as it will crop up in your GCSE exam (often in Paper 1, Section B). Remember, designing your landscape, I must know you from the street..

Parse the words. To know you from the street, you must design your garden from interior views, and the same brain waves of style, color, flow, texture, individuality from inside to outside. In , Melville Herskovits published The Myth of the Negro Past, a text that became a classic in discussions of African Americans and their relationships to text helped dispel the prevailing popular belief that blacks had lost all their culture in the dreaded Middle Passage, that infamous second leg of the slave trade that brought free Africans into the New World to be enslaved.

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