My lucky horseshoes

But bullshit has a source, like a lake feeding a river… of bullshit. And if pennies you pick up really were going to give you good luck for the rest of the day, there are a lot of old people who should be millionaires. The horseshoe is a great example of this, not only being considered good luck but having contradicting and specific methods of using it. And that all leads to one very important question… What the hell is up with the horseshoes?

My lucky horseshoes

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When you do see it the horseshoe is usually hung over a doorway. Most of the time the horseshoe is seen in an upright position, said to collect good luckor to keep luck from falling out.

However, even with its prongs down it is a symbol of good luck. There are lots of superstitions involving a horseshoe. Here are a few; If you find an old horseshoe it is lucky.

The number of nails you find in a horseshoe indicates the years of good luck. To dream of a horseshoe is a sign you will receive unexpected money. To find a horseshoe with the open prongs toward you means all your troubles are over — it is very lucky. A horseshoe kept in fire will keep the hawks away from chickens To bend a horseshoe nail into a ring and wear it will avoid rheumatism A horseshoe in a bedroom is a protection against nightmares The many traditions behind the horseshoe superstitions all seem to be related to other symbols that deal with the solar circle, the half-circle, the half-circle, or the crescent, and the crotch of the human body.

The half-circle, U-symbol, or crescent composed of a pair of horns was sometimes used as a symbol of fertility. It was supposed to attract good fortune and repel evil.

Sometimes the prongs were down to which represented the seat of feminine powers. Sometimes they were up to represent masculine powers. Whichever way they were used it always represented a potent and protective symbol. It is said that the Greeks originated the horseshoe in the 4th Century to protect the feet of their horses.

At times the horse has been considered a sacred animal. All the way up until recently a horseshoe was made with seven holes for nails, four on the inside and three on the outside. The lucky number seven, combined with a crescent symbol added to the potency of the talisman.

The Romans and Greeks nailed horseshoes to their walls to protect against the plague. The Druids used the semi-circular shape and charm of the horseshoe as a religious symbol, as seen in Stonehenge. In Rajputana, India, temples were constructed on the plan of the horseshoe wherein yoni, or female phallic symbol was worshiped.

Windows and doors designed in the horseshoe or arch style of architecture also represent the phallic symbol. The Moors fashioned their mosques and temples with arches because they believed in the protective powers of the u-shaped or crescent-shaped symbol of good luck.

Nowadays you can see door-knockers, floral designs, and other products shaped like a horseshoe, all symbolizing the good luck of the horseshoe used to bring that good luck to the owner of such an item. Whenever we see a horseshoe nailed over a doorway we instinctively know it is there standing guard to protect the occupant over the building.

That occupant can be an animal or man.With St. Patrick’s Day coming up and my love of horseshoes and anything related to horses, I’ve gathered up 7 Lucky Horseshoe Crafts we can all try. Similar to the horseshoe debate, there is also the “lucky” debate between four leaf clovers and three leaf clovers.

Finding a horseshoe is very lucky if the open space is facing toward you. If you dream of finding a horseshoe, good luck will come to you. Toss the horseshoe over the left shoulder and spit after it to increase the good luck that will soon arrive.

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A Horseshoe – Symbol of Good Luck. By Honey B Wackx.

My lucky horseshoes

Horseshoe - symbol of good luck. If you find an old horseshoe it is lucky. The number of nails you find in a horseshoe indicates the years of good luck. To dream of a horseshoe is a sign you will receive unexpected money.

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