Story of a man who unexpectedly lost all his wealth

Let me quote both parables and then analyze them. First, here is the text in the Gospel According to Luke: There was a man who had two sons. The younger one said to his father, "Father, give me my share of the estate.

Story of a man who unexpectedly lost all his wealth

Share6 Shares 5K Stories have been told for millennia, often with the intent of teaching people lessons. Many such fables are relatively short, as only a few sentences are needed to get the point across.

A rich man unexpectedly lost all his wealth

Here are some strange ones that are all but lost to modern culture. The youngest, Juan, ends up at a palace, where he meets a monkey whose daughter Chonguita is available for marriage.

They marry, and Juan meets back up with his brothers, who each married beautiful human women. However, he later feels it dishonors the family, and he arranges a series of tests for all three brides, hoping to get Chonguita killed.

In the end, the monkey wife is the most skilled of the three wives, and she wins her husband the throne. Later, at a large party honoring the new king, Juan gets angry when Chonguita tries to dance with him, and he throws her against the wall. She transforms into a beautiful woman.

The story ends there—somewhat prematurely. An extremely popular book, it was a huge influence on Western literature, especially on the works of Chaucer and Shakespeare. More a teaching tool than a history book, the Gesta Romanorum has many stories with morals attached to them, often with a Christian bent designed to aid preachers.

The carpenter gets married, and his new mother-in-law gives him a magical shirt that will stay clean as long as he and his new wife are faithful to each other.

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The wife escapes the soldier by locking him in a room. Two more men try the same thing, and she traps each of them in rooms as well. When the carpenter returns home, she praises God that the shirt is still clean and tells her husband what happened. The soldiers are freed, their lives changed for the better.

Then his latest wife Scheherazade begins to tell him stories, and he leaves off killing her so he can hear how they end. He spares her life and makes her his queen. During his wedding celebration, after gorging on food and wine, he lets out a fart. This embarrasses him so much that he flees into exile for several years.

Desperate to see his wife once more, he disguises himself and returns to his village. Many anti-Semitic stories of the time were used as propaganda to make Jews seem evil or subhuman. This particular tale portrays Jews not only as liars but as anti-Christian. A poor fisherman is having trouble catching fish.

Money Comes and Goes: Millionaires Who Lost Everything

A Jewish man comes up to him and tells him that he can catch as many fish as he can carry by using sacred bread from the Eucharist as bait. A year later, the Jewish man is arrested for something else and confesses what he told the fisherman.

The fisherman escapes punishment, but the Jew is killed, and all other Jews are forced out of Prussia. Peter and Jesus often feature together in Christian folklore, with Jesus playing the straight man opposite the comical, bumbling St. Peter was depicted as a bald man, with only a single lock of hair protruding from the front of his head.

This old German folktale tries to explain the reasoning behind that. Peter and Jesus are walking, and they come upon a farmhouse. Peter enters and begs the woman inside for some food. She obliges, giving him three freshly made pancakes.

He hides one underneath his hatand when Jesus asks how many there are, St. The hot pancake burns his head, and St.Chuang Tzu written by You-Sheng Li This page is devoted to stories of Lao Tzu, Confucius and others who laid down the philosophical foundation for Chinese culture more than two thousand years ago.

A rich man unexpectedly lost all his wealth. Feb. 4. staff they stated that a few days back he had a heart attack. authorities claim that Mr. Salman Potter was a very rich man but had quite a few enemies.

Story of a man who unexpectedly lost all his wealth

his chicanery led him to his sorry fate. he had been involved with an underground mafia group and due to some unresolved issues they took.

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