The alcoholic republic by wj rorabaugh essay

Temperance and Prohibition Era Propaganda:

The alcoholic republic by wj rorabaugh essay

Relations with the natives provided food and basic skill sets, and it also paved the way for new colonists arriving in such a foreign land.

The alcoholic republic by wj rorabaugh essay

However, life for colonists coming to settle America was no vacation. In Virginia, rapscallions, who had never worked a day in their life, squandered their days drinking and gambling. Soon enough, however, a similar theme started to become more and more apparent as well as more and more concerning.

There are many factors that led to such alcoholism, and many factors that led into the increasing numbers of Americans to embrace temperance. Taverns were believed, by the lower classes, to be nurseries of freedom.

By the upper classes, they were believed to be seedbeds for rowdy, drunk, and subordinate colonists. Again, due to many factors, alcoholism witnessed an excessive peak as well as harsh opposition from temperance groups.

During the early 19th century, many factors led early Americans to excessive drinking. First, while colonists were developing their own towns and cities, one major economic factor that led to such binge drinking was that of trade routes.

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Colonists began trading in the West Indies and were receiving rum as part of barter payments. These spirituous liquors were easy to obtain and came in hefty amounts.

Rum was the currency of the age. Other factors that led to such drastic drinking include the rise of distilling as well as American pride.

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Farmers, when faced with excess grain, realized that it could be distilled into cheap whiskey in large quantities. Whiskey itself was easier to ship than cumbersome loads of grain.

The success of whiskey was due, in part, to the fact that many Scottish, Irish, and Scotch-Irish grain distillers immigrated to America during the last quarter of the 18th century.

A sadder side to binge drinking is the fact that many immigrants felt alienated in a nation where every man was to feel the freedom of being a true colonist.

Many Irish immigrants came to America for cheap labor but ended up spending their wages on liquor, drinking themselves to death. One large factor, however, was the sense of pride that accompanied drinking. During colonial times in America, it was not uncommon for men to give their very young children liquor.

Many fathers were proud when his son became old enough to accompany him to the tavern where they could drink as equals from the same glass. While the wealthy drank expensive liquor, the lower class binged on cheap rum, gin, and whiskey.

The alcoholic republic by wj rorabaugh essay

Americans also often found almost any occasion fit for a drink. Weddings, births, funerals, new workers, old workers leaving, mid-day, nightcaps, and even electoral events were not off limits.

In fact, many of those running for political positions openly shared alcohol in hopes to gain votes Washington claimed one election was lost due to frugal spending on the liquor to be shared with potential voters.

Throughout colonization, alcoholism faced many obstacles. From temperate Quakers to doctors claiming health issues, to the upper class trying to extol power over the lower classes, temperance began to run rampant throughout the nation by the mid 19th century. Lower classes binged on cheap liquor as a sign of independence from the upper class as well as products from the very forces they fought to gain their independence.The Alcoholic Republic, written by W.


Rorabaugh, provides his readers with an engaging and enlightening perspective on drinking during the early Republic. He is an Associate Professor of History at the University of Washington who recognized that many people do not realize that during this time in history, the consumption of alcohol was the greatest.

W.J. Rorabaugh, The Alcoholic Republic: An American Tradition, New York , 10; James Barren, 'Why Paddy Drank: The Social Significance of Whiskey in Pre famine Ireland', Jou17Ul1 of Popular Culture 11 (): The Alcoholic Republic by W.J.

Temperance and Prohibition Era Propaganda: A Study in Rhetoric

Rorabaugh Thesis: Alcoholic Beverage and Occasional Alcoholic Drink The Different Lifestyles Between an Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic. Apr 25,  · In particular, their involvement in the pathogenesis of alcoholic liver cirrhosis (ALC) remains unclear.

The current study extensively characterized the phenotype and functions of EPCs to understand their role in ALC pathogenesis.

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Apart from that, effects of alcohol to the human body, how to recognize signs of alcohol abuse and the proper way of handling intoxicated guests and alcohol related laws in Malaysia will be discussed in the essay .

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